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Crane design

Its design is based on a common lever mechanism allowing the jib to rotate at a specified angle, by which it can then pick up and release objects. This crane also comes with the addition of a vehicle attached to its base, allowing loads to be transported from one place to another.

Crane for sale

Dongqi currently sells cranes including gantry cranes, bridge cranes (overhead crane), jib cranes, etc., as well as crane accessories, such as hooks, hoists, etc. The most important thing for crane sales is good quality

Crane training

The use training and safety training of crane operators are both very important things. Dongqi provides online safety training and a full set of training materials and videos. If you need on-site training, you can also apply for technical personnel to travel to the country where you live

Crane after-sales

Under normal circumstances, Dongqi will provide one year of free after-sales for cranes. If there are problems in subsequent use, it can also provide paid maintenance and sales of spare parts. There are also special preferential policies for old customers

About Us

As a leading crane manufacturer and crane supplier, Dongqi Crane is able to provide you types of cranes for various material handling requirements. Dongqi Crane can be your crane manufacturer and supplier for overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, and other types of cranes, etc.

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Our company is really big, and so we have many employees, thank you for your HR analysis, now we have a hiring strategy

- Susan Crossman


The result of their work was a workforce planning summit where we've got more that twenty effective action plans.

- Adrian Carey


We use their services to hire new employees: always accurate and precise tests, their team is polite and punctual.

- Jennifer Bawerman


The result of their work was a workforce planning summit where we've got more that twenty effective action plans.

- Adrian Carey


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No.1, Weier Road, Henan (Changyuan) Crane Industry Park, China.